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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Does he like you? (Shy Guy Quiz)

Okay, I am sooooo sorry that I haven't posted in forever! Super busy and our internet was down for a while :(. Anyway, I'm back, and according to the polls on the left side of the page, you guys are still reading my blog! Yay! Anyway...

So there's a guy that you've been crushing on, but you have no idea if he likes you or is just being nice (I hate that feeling). So here is a quiz for you to take IF the guy is shy (I will have one soon for an outgoing guy). Have fun, and hey, even if he doesn't like you, guys are drama-free friends!

If the guy is shy, TAKE THIS QUIZ!!!

1. Is he shy all the time, or just around you?
a. All the time, no one can get him to talk!
b. He has his group of friends, and he sticks with them
c. He's friendly, but not crazy outgoing
d. He is so not shy! He just seems to hesitate around me though...

2. When you talk to him, what does he do?
a. It seems as if he's always spacing out, like he's not really paying attention
b. Looks down at the ground
c. Smiles, but out of politeness
d. He will sometimes look me in the eye, but then he might look away or blush AND/OR he gives me his full attention

3. If you go somewhere, is he always lingering around you?
a. No, he avoids me
b. We just happen to be in the same places a lot
c. Ya, but he doesn't pay much attention to me
d. Yes, he's always around me, but he seems too shy to talk to me

4. If you ask him to do a favor, would he do it for you?
a. No!
b. He'd make up an excuse not  to do it
c. Yes, but kind of reluctantly
d. Definitely! And he would volunteer to help me too!

5. Does he ever compliment you?
a. Never
b. Not very often
c. Yes, but they're small compliments like "good job"
d. Yes, and they're always about my looks personality, or intelligence

6. Does he stare at you a lot?
a. Nope, I would pay for him to stare at me!
b. Yes, but in a spaced-out way. I just happen to be in his line of vision
c. Yes, but he looks away if I catch him
d. All the time, and he doesn't look away very often

7. Do you start the conversations, or does he?
a. We don't talk
b. I start them most of the time
c. It's 50/50
d. It's mostly him

8. How do you guys talk?
a. We don't
b. We only talk when we have a question on homework
c. We talk mostly over Facebook and texting
d. Face-to-face, and texting

If you answered mostly...

A's. Sorry girl, he's just not that into you. It can hurt a lot when you like someone that doesn't like you back. The best thing to do would be to move on, and find a guy that will appreciate you. And most likely, you're probably not the reason he doesn't like you. Girls just may not be a priority to him right now.

B's. This stinks, because it seems like he's sending all the right signals, but it's just a coincidence that you guys always seem to be near each other. It's alright though! Since you guys are always in the same places, this can be your chance to strike up a friendship!

C's. He's definitely into you, just too shy to make his move. Now's your chance to spark some romance between you two!

D's. Girl, he likes you! If he hasn't made his move already (or soon), make sure you tell him in a non-creepy way how you feel. He definitely cares for you, and that's the kind of guy to look for! If you're wondering why he seems nervous or shy around you, he's probably just nervous that you won't like him. Just be nice to him, and you'll build up his confidence (and the possibility that he'll ask you out!). :)

I hope this quiz helped you girls out. Stay tuned for my quiz, if the guy is outgoing.

~Ms. Basic Beauty


  1. Haha i've taken lots of quizzes....they all say he is into me too! i think he actually does like me, he's been really quiet recently though. Too shy to talk to me or uninterested?

  2. Omgg dis quizzes well gud. Great answer.luv it

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